Broken Ceiling(Demo)

You, the Player Character (PC), are the key to the release of the prisoners in this cosmically ordained prison. A failed insurrection orchestrated by cosmic entities led to their banishment to this place. Stuck between realms, it serves as a prison where the prisoner’s eternal power is harnessed to fuel the battery that keeps them confined. To imprison Immortals, to confine cosmic beings with a finite release date means nothing. To wait out the imposed sentence and have a definitive ending time to the incarceration would be inconvenient, but nothing that would be a punishment for their crimes. However, not knowing when the end of the confinement is, having your release to be left to chance would be a more suitable torture. Is this the moment that the events that are needed to unlock the locks happen or is it this moment, or this? How long do they have to wait? When will it end? Will a being that might be capable of completing the task actually arrive? Will it succeed? As the PC explores, they will find evidence of more than one visitor that was led here by chance trying to unlock and open the prison. The evidence represents the failures of those who came before. There is no fate here. The PC is here by pure chance Something had to arrive before the heat death of the Universe and the beginning of the next, it just happened to be a rabbit. The Elder Cosmic Energy is incompatible with the rabbit. The energy is a celestial tidal wave, chaotic churning, forces that mortals were never meant to be exposed to, and that is the point. This energy has been tuned to the prisoners to keep them here. Their key to escape is a being whose energy is simple, subtle and smooth in comparison. A tiny silver key in opposition to their eternal prism shattered light spectrum battering rams. Purity to the chaotic. Whispers to the noise. The Rabbit doesn’t know this of course